Thursday, February 5, 2009

2009 things : january edition

as i mentioned in one of my previous entries, i am attempting to accomplish 2009 self-improving things this year. i call it 2009 things in 2009. each task has to be different. each task also has to have something to do with self-improvement.
i am trying to stay within the realm of money, relationships and health.

i started this venture thinking it would be a piece of cake, but by day 2 i was already freaking out that i might not be able to do this.

this is my update thus far for the month of january:

1. repaired boots so that my feet don't freeze while walking. they will hopefully hold out another week or two until i can afford to buy new ones.

2. packed a lunch for work with leftovers.

3. replied back to 3 of mom's emails today.

4. started working on a vday project.

5. pulled oatmeal out from the back of the kitchen cabinet so that i can have a healthy breakfast before walking to work.

6. prepared a crockpot meal out of foods i already had instead of going grocery shopping.

7. emailed my boyfriend just to tell him that i love him.

8. work on giving away 30 things this month.

9. help mom set up an account.

10. updated my account transactions.

11. went through old online diet/food journal in order to make a new grocery list.

12. made a banner and icon for mom’s etsy account.

13. uncovered a foot of snow off my car and around my car.

14. listened to morgan spurlock's audiobook "don't eat this book".

15. drank over 12 glasses of water on tuesday.

16. one of my mom's dog's died today (my favorite buddy), so i am making a card to send to her.

17. bought salad to take to work for lunch instead of high calorie foods.

18. ate salad with my boyfriend for dinner instead of pizza.

19. made turkey burgers and salad for dinner sunday night.

20. started using popcorn popper to make air popped corn for snack.

21. opened "travel home" and "gift" savings accounts on ing.

22. paid my electric bill online before i even got the statement in the mail.

23. filed fafsa 2009-2010

24. started listening to the audio book version of "a new earth" after reading it last year.

25. have decided to sell my car and go car-free for an undetermined period of time.

26. made a big bag of popcorn to take to work to share with co-workers.

27. estimated my tax return.

28. weighed myself at work.

29. bought meats at reduced cost at the grocery store because they were close to sell date.

30. stayed late at work to get a bigger paycheck.

31. made meals over the weekend for me and my boyfriend with minimal meats and lots of veggies (all on sale).

32. bought popsicles for my boyfriend since they were 1/2 priced.

33. watched 66 minutes worth (over a course of time) of virgin mobile sugar mama ads to get 66 minutes of free airtime. saved about $12 by doing this.

34. bought ice/snow cleats for my shoes so that i don't slip on ice. and it saves me from buying new boots.

35. created a daily routine schedule for my day to day life so that i can try to stay on track... and off the internet more.

36. arranged to meet a friend for lunch friday. i have not seen this friend since summer.

37. took leftovers to work for lunch for 4 days.

38. did some bonding with a friend and went out to lunch and salon.

39. got my hair cut and colored to surprise my boyfriend. he has always wanted to see me as a brunette. and i received more compliments on it than i ever expected.

40. changed some stocks in my 401k portfolio to bonds.

41. my boyfriend and i walked to work together monday morning.

42. started wearing a pedometer again.

43. chewing gum instead of snacking.

44. completely cleaned out my closet so that my boyfriend can have it when he moves in.

45. took home some scrap card stock paper from work to make gifts and scrapbook with.

46. bought jeans at macy’s for $5 each and they were a size smaller than what i normally wear.

47. bought jeans at macy’s for $15 for my boyfriend and they were also a size smaller than what he normally wears.

48. did something out of the ordinary. went out downtown for dessert and drinks with boyfriend.

49. filed taxes super early this year.

50. called boyfriend and encouraged him to get his act together so he won’t procrastinate until the last minute about moving.

some of my tasks have already started to repeat themselves. hopefully i can continue on and not have this problem too often. but with 2009 things to do, it might but unavoidable!

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