Sunday, January 4, 2009

accomplish 2009 self-improving things in 2009

i am noticing this week that most bloggers have posted their new year's resolutions / 2009 goals.

as i have stated in my last blog entry, i no longer make new year's resolutions.
and i think that saying, "my goals for 2009..." is pretty much the same thing.

i think this year i will set a goal on to accomplish 2009 self-improving things by december 31, 2009.
this way, i have no specific goal that i can give up on half way through.
my self-improving tasks/things are sure to range from working towards a more health diet to saving money to reuniting with family members.

personally, i would like to work towards weighing another 40 pounds less by december 2009 and have an emergency fund of about $2000.
but i am not setting these as goals or resolutions.
as stated in my last blog entry, small steps are the way to go.
if i continue to make small adjustments throughout the year, i will most likely reach (and exceed) the 40 pound weight loss and $2000 emergency fund.

i plan to update my account regularly with my tasks completed.
and i will try to keep you updated on my progress here monthly.

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Happy New Year!