Wednesday, January 21, 2009

blog love 1/21/09

i was watching the today show on hulu this afternoon. they had a segment called "R U Tech Savvy?". todays was all about tech terminology.

what does it mean to "show blog love"?

a) finding a spouse on a dating site
b) having another blogger link to your website
c) getting your picture posted and graded on
d) texting with your spouse while at work

i think all of my fellow bloggers know this answer. but just in case you are not "tech savvy", the answer is B.

with that being said, i will be starting a bi-weekly roundup called "blog love" of links from my favorite bloggers.

stretch your food dollar: beans, beans... : this edition of stretch your dollar especially hits home. because i already do it! it takes a little more time, but you end up saving so much money.

could you save money by subscribing to an addictive game? : i am surprised i had not written about this topic myself. i used to often think about how i would save a lot more money if i just stayed home and played sims instead of looking for outside entertainment. my boyfriend is also an online gamer. sure, it does keep you from the habit of spending for a short period of time, but what is online gaming doing to your social network?

11 rules of the dumpster dive : this is pretty much a guideline for anyone interested in pursuing the fine art of dumpster diving. i wish i had more guts to go further with my own dumpster diving, but i have yet to go to any dumpster but my own building's dumpster. even then, i don't jump in or rummage through it too much. if something i want is on top of the pile, i grab it, otherwise i don't bother. oh, but i wish i had the guts.

small space solutions: kitchen pantry : a good idea for those kitchen cupboard food staples. i wonder if reusing glass pickle jars would work the same?

money/life makeover - week 2 : this sort of inspired me to make my own daily routine schedule. so far, it's working pretty well.

update on my get rid of one thing a day for january challenge : i have been doing the same thing he has. i place 1 thing a day into a cardboard box in my living room. at the end of the month, i will place is on the window seat on the 5th floor of my apartment building. want it? take it. that's how we roll.

thank you to all my fellow bloggers for your inspiring articles. i look forward to providing more awesome links to my readers in the future.

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