Wednesday, December 10, 2008

paying it forward

i decided today that i had enough energy to walk home from work instead of taking the bus.
as i was walking home, i saw the meter-maid cruising the street.
the meter-maid backed up her little vehicle and proceeded to write someone a ticket who was parked in front of a big church that was clearly having a service right then.
it's likely that the person receiving the ticket was in the middle of a church procession.

after seeing this, i decided that i could use the $1 i saved from not taking the bus to pay meters for cars that were not paid or were incredibly low.
there were actually not many to pay.
a lady saw me doing this and walked toward me asking to trade her dollar bill for quarters.
of course i complied.

this random act of kindness on my part made me feel good for the rest of the day and put a smile on my face.
it just goes to show you that sometimes it doesn't take fancy material possession to bring joy into your life.
sometimes just experiences will work.

i think people should pay it forward more often. :D

sara's recent post at on simplicity reminded me a lot of the day i had today.
sometimes your most treasured memories are random acts of kindness and events that didn't involve spending a bunch of money.


Anonymous said...

FYI; Its illegal to put money in someone elses parking meter.

na0 said...

thank you anonymous, i am aware of that.
i guess you don't ever do anything illegal?
are you like a goody-two-shoes wannabe?
i don't see anything wrong with it if i am randomly helping someone.