Tuesday, December 16, 2008

about me

so, i've posted a few entries to my new blog... i guess that i should introduce myself to those of you who do not know me!

my name is naomi and i'm a single parent to my precious chihuahua brandy jo.

i decided about 3 or 4 years back that a life of fancy possession was not for me.
i did not enjoy working (in management) for companies that i did not believe in just to make money to buy things that i didn't really need.
i also accumulated a lot of debt during my failed marriage 5 years ago that i sometimes am still in denial about.
i have not touched a credit card since then and have worked towards making better choices.
i started living a frugal lifestyle about 3 years ago.
i was working a minimum wage (and low stress level) job at the time and living on my own, so being frugal was a must.
and i have to say, over the last 3 years, i have never been happier in my life!
i've had more time to grow as a person and enjoy the things in life that people should have every opportunity to do.
i made a big move back in march 2008 to my new city of spokane, washington.
i used my emergency fund to pay for my move, so i have to rebuild my savings big time!
but i don't regret my choice for a second!
i am still living a blissful life and not having to work over 40 hours a week to do so.
i hope to fulfill one of my life-long dreams soon and attend college to get a degree in a career that i believe in.
you can only be happy at a job that you are passionate about.

in this blog you can expect me to write about my own savings experiences, how-tos, diy ideas and leaving a smaller ecological footprint.
i am in no way an expert on money, but i can help share what has worked for me.
i also find that just having a support system in all of this can be a great thing.
i look forward to reading comments on your own tips and tricks as well!
questions are always graciously encouraged as well!


Thomas said...

Great post, Naomi. I also prefer to live below my means. I'd much rather work 30 hours a week and get less stuff than work 40 and be able to get a few extra things.

Just Plain Joy said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. i like your philosophy!

na0 said...

thomas- being able to live below our means is also a very empowering feeling. or at least it is for me!

joy - thanks for showing some love and dropping by! i enjoy your blog a lot and intend on being a frequent reader. :)

ZombieKitteh said...

Speaking of credit cards. How do you get out of them. Andy and I are currently about $7500 in the hole and late payments are piling up...especially during the Christmas season. Although I have all the credit cards (except for the Marks and Morgan Jewelers & my vet credit card) in a Tupperware container in water in the freezer so that I will only use them when I desperately need them.

I just want to rid myself of these awful credit cards..

na0 said...

zombiekitteh - how many credit cards do you have? are they your only debts?

freezing them is a good idea for the short term. cut cutting them up would be the best.

i would suggest snowballing your debt.
continue to make minimum payments towards all of your debts, and make a bigger payment to your smallest debt. continue to make bigger payments to your smallest debt until it is paid off. then add that payment you were making to that debt on to your next smallest debt and knock that one out. work your pay up to the largest amount.

like i stated in my blog entry, i am still in denial about my debts.
i realize i have them, but i have done very little to combat them now. my debts are about 5-6 years old. and i am taking the bad way out... and hoping them will fall off soon. meanwhile, my credit is in the toilet. i got denied for ing electric orange checking account online because of my credit, i had to pay a waaaaaay higher deposit for my apartment because of my credit, i was over looked for a job i was qualified for but had bad credit, etc.

my real suggestion to you is to start thinking differently about material possessions.
are they REALLY worth putting yourself in debt over? no.

i realized that i was trying to be someone i wasn't (and trying to be like my peers) was costing me more money than i had. i knew that i couldn't afford the new car i was driving. i knew i couldn't afford to go out to clubs and restaurants all of the time. and finally now i understand and accept that i will never live a glamorous lifestyle or even have some of the things my friends and family have. and i am finally okay with that.

you (and your husband) need to come to terms with this or you will be in the cycle for a long time.